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About Doukissa

Belly dancing is family friendly for retirements, farewells, graduations, weddings, birthdays, baby and wedding showers, anniversaries and womens groups or any special occasion.


Doukissa has studied the ancient art of belly dancing and continues to update her skills in workshops and seminars.  Belly dance or middle eastern dance is performed in the middle east at nightclubs, for visitors, and more commonly, done at home by women for women.  Belly dance is known for its isolated but fluid and feminine movements.  Doukissa prefers dancing Egyptian style letting the music influence the movements.  She enjoys using cane, candles, and veils to lend an air of mystery to the performance. 


Doukissa has performed at a variety of events and venues including the Ag Museum 1890 Fair, IAABC Basketball Tournament, Kent County Affair of the Heart 1995, First Night of Wilmington and Dover, Wyoming Peach Festival 2000 and 2011, Friends of Dover Theatre 2001, Downtown Dover Summer Fest 2004, Pagan Festival 2005 through 2011, DAFB Arts Festival 2010.  Doukissa has also performed at haflas, nursing or retirement communities,  and parties throughout Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvannia, Virginia, North Carolina, and Washington, D.C.


Doukissa's dance style is a blend from a variety of teachers including






Jim Boz

Zahara Zuhair

Chelydra and many more....



Doukissa is the Director of Dendarah Nar and Shwaya Dendarah. 
She is also honorary member of ChaLMar Dancers.

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